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  • Michele C. says:

    I have been going to Dr. Lam for 24 years now and I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a dentist. He is a kind man who is very gentle and he takes time to explain what he is doing to your teeth and why.

    He has cared for my mother, my husband and both of my children. He is very professional while at the same time very personable and friendly. I see him twice a year for cleanings and check-ups and he has also done a bridge for me which has never given me any trouble. I know that he stays current with all of the new procedures and he is always refining his skills. The team he has working with him are all very friendly and highly professional as well. I come in from out of town just to see the dentist.

    There are many dentists available in the city I live in, but I choose to come to Toronto to see Dr. Lam. I trust him with my teeth and am very happy with the care he has provided me and my family over the years.

  • Alea T. says:

    Best Dentist in the world!!

  • Leon B. says:

    I hit gold finding Dr. Bill Lam. Not only is he a brilliant dentist and dental surgeon but his personality, caring and dedication is exceptional. My teeth have always been in poor shape. Thanks to Dr. Lam providing me with six implants, bone grafts and root canals not only can I smile proudly but more importantly I can eat.

    A big plus is that Dr. Lam provides all dental services, I call it one stop shopping. My previous dentist sent me to someone else for the implant and running between the two was frustrating, annoying and much more expensive.

    My family and friends have thanked me for recommending Dr. Lam

  • Tori Taylor says:

    Dr. Lam is THE BEST dentist! I have been going to for about 20 years! I HIGHLY recommend him and always do…especially if it is someone who is afraid of the dentist due to past experiences. He is knowledgeable, kind, patient and has a great sense of humour, explains everything he is doing, answers questions and puts you at ease even if you are having a complicated procedure done! He is truly a credit to his profession! :-)

  • Betty Rinaldo says:

    Hey Bill,
    I’m so delighted that you have been able to offer Jim Hornell ( my brother-inlaw) an alternative to the inevitable ,for him, the loss of teeth.

    At his age …83.. the loss of teeth would have been unthinkable. I know he has always been so diligent
    with his home care ,I’m sure you will agree that has been instrumental in maintaining his teeth to this date.
    It would have been a very sad day if he had to loose them.

    Keep up the good work,
    Betty Rinaldo Dental Hygienist (retired)

  • John K. says:

      I’ve been to many dentists in my 30 years of oral hygiene. By far, this is the best dentist office you will ever find. The receptionists are the most pleasant people to deal with all the time and the dental care is second to none. Dr. Lam is one of the finest dentists in the city and always has competent and super nice hygienists. Whether it’s a cleaning, cavity filling, root canal, cosmetic (I’ve had them all done here), they couldn’t be any more careful and attentive to your needs while sitting in the chair…which is amazingly comfortable by the way.

    Just GO SEE THIS DENTIST if you’re in the market. I even look forward to my visits. And WHO looks forwards to their dentist visits right?! You will too.

  • Madeleine Sands says:

    Over 30 years ago and with great fear and trepidation I made an appointment with Dr. Lam.

    Prior to being Dr. Lam’s patient, I had just had the worst experience with a dentist. Having had the symptoms of a root canal infection, my former dentist began grinding down my teeth instead of recognizing that it was indeed a root canal, the pain was intense. Suffice to say I have been a patient of Dr Lam’s ever since.

    Dr Lam treated me with much compassion on that particular visit, following up with phone calls post dental visit to ensure that I was not in too much discomfort. Since then I have had a lot of dental work done, not least of which was a bone graft and dental implant. Dr Lam always provided me with the utmost in superior dental care in a compassionate and gentle way.

    On more than one occasion Dr Lam has gone out of his way to see me in his office outside office hours when I had yet another dental emergency, thank you Dr. Lam.

    I have a job in the public eye so it was important to me to have a great smile and Dr Lam has ensured that I have a million dollar smile.

    In my opinion, Dr Lam has set the “gold standard” in dentistry. He has provided the best experience in dental care, he is thorough in his examinations and is the ultimate professional. My daughter and I are lucky to have him as our dentist.

    Dr Lam’s staff are equally professional. They are all committed to providing excellent health care in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

    Thank you Dr. Lam and staff, and thank you for my beautiful smile!

    Madeleine Sands

  • Bob and Shirley Prittie says:

    Bob and I have for many years had the utmost confidence in Dr. Lam. From routine cleaning to major oral surgery we have always felt comfortable and relaxed in his chair. Bob has even been known to drift into sleep during a procedure…now that is relaxed! In our old age we both have all our teeth, perfect bites and great smiles. We owe it all to Dr. Lam and his expertise and knowledge of the field of dentistry as he is constantly upgrading his skills. We feel he takes great pride in his work and what he can do to keep our mouths comfortable and healthy.
    All his staff are wonderful assets to his team and serve all his patients well.
    We recommend this practice to friends and colleagues without hesitation.

  • Margaret Beaumont says:

    It is a pleasure to add my comments to the reviews by other patients of Dr. Bill Lam. I have been a patient of Dr. Lam for many years and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is highly skilled and is always updating his skills. He is extremely gentle and careful to put you at ease before, during and after any type of dental procedure has been carried out. I have always been an extremely nervous (terrified) patient, but not with Dr. Lam. He makes sure you are comfortable and talks you through the procedure. He explains options for any future work you may require, always with what is best for the patient in mind. All his support staff are great and his new offices are pleasant and bright.

    Thank you Dr. Lam and all your staff,

    Margaret Beaumont

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